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Standard test products

SLR Camera
Product Name : Standard test products
Product ID : SLR-100
Brand : Company
Color : Black
Size : 700*200*300
Weight : 500g
Price : $300

Our school usually holds a spring sports meeting each year. The spring sports meet this year was held last Friday.Many students took an active part in it. So did I.

The sports meet began at eight o'clock. After the opening, all kinds of races, both field-events and track-events, started one after another.I took part in the 1500-metre race. I felt a little nervous before the contest began because it was the first time that I had run at a school sports meet.

My roommates stood around me, encouraging me," Come on. You were the winner of our grade in the Long-distance Competition last time. Be brave!"On hearing the shot of the starting gun, I shot from the starting point.

I ran at a medium speed at the beginning because there was a long way to go and I had to maintain my strength.As soon as there was only 400 meters left, I began to quicken my speed.I caught up with other runners soon and won first place in the end. There was only one step between the second place and me!

My classmates ran to me, shouting and saying congratulations. I was very excited. It was also the last time for me to compete in my senior high school, for I will finish my high school in two months. I will never forget it.

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